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The budget for the City of Wheat Ridge creates the road map necessary for providing programs and services to those who live, work and play in Wheat Ridge. City Council and City staff put a great deal of effort and time into preparing the annual budget. The City's annual budget process includes considerable staff participation from all departments, along with City Council direction concerning key policy areas as well as input from residents. The process for the 2019 Budget is underway. One important phase of the process is offering the public opportunities to provide input during City Council meetings prior to the presentation of the 2019 proposed budget. Those meetings were held:

First opportunity for public input -- Monday, July 9, 2018
Second opportunity for public input -- Monday, August 13, 2018.

The 2019 Budget is scheduled to be presented to the Mayor and City Council:
Monday, September 17, 2018.

(The proposed budget will be available on the City website prior to the meeting.)

Public Hearing and Adoption of the proposed 2019 Budget:
Monday, October 8, 2018.

(The public is invited to provide input on the proposed 2019 Budget at both the September 17 and October 8 meetings.)

 Budget Engagement

  • Balancing Act is a fun and easy way for residents to learn about public budgets and the choices their elected officials face in the budgeting process. It allows participants to try allocating funds— expressing their priorities and preferences.
  • Tax Receipt is an app that estimates the portions of sales and property taxes paid by Wheat Ridge residents that are available to use for city services. 
  • Open Budget is a budget transparency software that presents the City budget in an easy to use online format that includes interactive charts and graphs.

Budget Process for 2019

Budget presentations will be posted prior to the September 17, 2018 City Council meeting.

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