Prospect Park Renovation

The Prospect Park Redevelopment Master Plan will greatly enhance user experience at Prospect Park. A variety of improvements will serve to make existing activity areas more usable, and create new recreation opportunities throughout the park. In addition to a new football field, several passive recreation opportunities will be available such as new picnic shelters, pickleball courts, a fishing boardwalk, and a pedestrian bridge for access to park amenities west of the lake.

Phase I - Completed

A contract was awarded to Colorado Designscapes in the amount of $2,209,000. The Parks and Recreation Department was also awarded a grant from Jefferson County Open Space in the amount of $360,000 to help with the renovation. The remaining cost for the project will be funded from the City's Open Space Fund and Conservation Trust Fund (Lottery dollars).

Phase I was completed in May 2018 and included:

  • renovation of the two softball fields, including new fencing and dugouts that meet ADA requirements
  • new full-size football field located east of the south softball field
  • small picnic shelter
  • relocation of the trail south of the field

Phase II

Construction begins fall 2018. Phase II projects include:

  • Enhanced park entry with landscaping
  • Improved vehicular and pedestrian circulation to enhance parking and walk-ability
  • Six new pickleball courts with lights
  • Replacement of basketball court and horseshoe pits
  • New large picnic pavilion
  • New signage throughout
  • Additional trees and landscape elements, and irrigation

2016 Prospect Park Master Plan