Summer Pet Care Tips

Keep your pets healthy and happy all summer long! Easy tips to follow and keep your pets safe during the hot summer months:

  • Exercise your pet in the early morning hours to avoid the heat of the hot summer days.
  • Keep a large bowl of fresh cool water available for your pet at all times.
  • Never leave your pet in a parked car. Even with the windows cracked your pet can overheat and suffer from heat stroke on hot summer days.
  • Make sure your pet has proper fitting collar and identification, including a city license. City licenses application may be acquired on line and all dogs must be licensed in the City of Wheat Ridge. Licenses may also be purchased at the City of Wheat Ridge Police Department, located at 7500 West 29th Avenue. It’s the Law!
  • Keep your pet well groomed, matting and poor grooming traps body heat and can cause skin irritations.
  • Do not let your pet drink from puddles that may be contaminated with vehicle coolants. Dogs are attracted to this sweet tasting liquid and ingesting coolant can be fatal.
  • Avoid concrete or asphalt when walking your dog; the temperature rises quickly on these surfaces and may burn the pads of your pets feet.
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