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Wheat Ridge Historic Park

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  1. Baugh House
  2. Coulehan-Johnson Cabin
  3. First Wheat Ridge Post Office
  4. History Museum
  5. Sod House
  6. Tours
The Wheat Ridge Historic Park, home to the Wheat Ridge Historical Society, sits on three acres of the original 160-acre James H. Baugh homestead (1859 - 1889) and includes the Baugh House, Sod House (Soddy), the Coulehan-Johnson Cabin (relocated from Johnson Park), Wheat Ridge's first post office, the Red Brick Museum dedicated to the history of Wheat Ridge and a variety of traditional 19th and 20th century farm equipment.

National Register of Historic Places
Sod House - listed on March 14, 1973
Baugh House - listed on August 12, 2012

Special Events happening monthly on 2nd Saturdays!

More info: Wheat Ridge Historical Society

Wheat Ridge Historical Society Meetings (open to public)
Red Brick History Museum
2nd Tuesday of the month • 7:00 pm

Wheat Ridge Quilt Circle (all crafters welcome)
Red Brick History Museum
4th Wednesday of the month • 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
$2 per person. Cash or check.


  1. Baugh House

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  2. Wheat Ridge History Museum

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