Pre-application Conference

Prior To The Formal Submittal

Prior to the formal submittal of any request for approval to proceed with site development, an informal pre-application conference shall be held between the applicant and the community development department staff.

This conference will serve to acquaint the applicant with the requirements of the Zoning and Development Code and to allow staff to become familiar with the applicant's development intent and design philosophy.

Necessary Information

A schematic site plan and building concept drawings will aid in discussion at this conference; however, applicants are encouraged not to prepare detailed designs which might require extensive revision as a result of the pre-application conference.
  • General project concept
  • Specific uses proposed and intensity of use proposed (floor area and parking demand)
  • Proposed construction timing
  • General concepts concerning building size and exterior materials and site plan concepts
  • An exterior materials package including roof material and color, wall treatment, glass and glazing
  • Site plan concepts including site organization, landscaping, irrigation, grading, lighting and signs
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