Bicycle Improvements

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Public Process
Several years ago, the City of Wheat Ridge and the greater Wheat Ridge community began the process of addressing long-term, multi-modal transportation needs, including improved pedestrian and bicycle accommodations and options throughout the City. Through an extensive public process with Envision Wheat Ridge, multiple partners and stakeholders were engaged, including the City of Wheat Ridge, LiveWell Wheat Ridge, the Jefferson County Public Health and Transportation Departments, residents, businesses, and many additional stakeholders in the community.

The public process eventually led to adoption of the Envision Wheat Ridge Comprehensive Plan in 2009 and the Wheat Ridge Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan in 2011. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan serves as a guide for the long-term planning of bicycle and pedestrian improvements, including improvements within identified bicycle transportation corridors. The plan also considers links to destinations such as schools, parks, businesses, and connections to other bicycle corridors and/or facilities in neighboring communities.