Pierce Street

Pierce Street Bike Lanes
The City essentially lacks adequate north-south bicycle transportation corridors across the length of the City, and higher traffic corridors such as Wadsworth Boulevard and Kipling Street require significant longer-term capital investments. However, Pierce Street has been identified as a significant north-south segment with more feasible opportunities to explore and establish improvements. More specifically, Pierce Street essentially serves as a significant connection between the Clear Creek Trail on the north end of the City and the City of Lakewood on the south end where Pierce Street is presently signed and striped for bicycles.

Pierce Street from 26th Avenue to 48th Avenue is identified in the Master Plan as a segment for future bicycle improvements. More specifically, the Master Plan identifies this segment for future bike lanes.

As a result, City Council designated a total of $100,000 in the 2014 Capital Improvement Budget to invest in bicycle related improvements for this segment. Last summer, on-road bicycle facilities were installed on Pierce Street as follows:
  • Signage from 26th Ave to 48th Ave: To provide bike route or way-finding signs.
  • Dedicated Bicycle Lane from 26th Ave to 38th Ave: Bicycle lanes providing a dedicated space for bicycles (generally 4-6 feet wide).
  • Shared Bicycle & Parking Space from 38th Ave to 44th Ave: A shoulder stripe delineating a space for parked vehicles but also providing a separate space for bicycles when parked cars are not present. (This treatment was already in place on Pierce St. south of 32nd Ave.)
  • Shared Travel Lane Treatment or "Sharrows" from 44th Ave to 48th Ave: Sharrows essentially designating the travel lane as a shared use facility by the application of sharrow pavement marking and signs identifying the shared use.
Pierce Street bike lane