Probation is a period of community supervision in which the defendant is supervised by a probation officer, who monitors progress/compliance of court ordered requirements while protecting the community and victim from further harm. Wheat Ridge Municipal Court probation supervises both adult and juvenile offenders. The responsibilities of the probation officer include meeting with probationers on a regular basis, referring probationers to a variety of counseling agencies and community resources, monitoring drug and alcohol tests, providing sentencing recommendations and updates to the court, and addressing any and all other needs of the probationer with the goals of improving the conduct and condition of the probationer.

A defendant may be sentenced to probation, by the Wheat Ridge Municipal Court Judge, after being convicted of most of the provisions in the Wheat Ridge Municipal Code of Laws. These violations range from theft, and harassment to disturbing the peace. On rare occasions the court will order probation supervision in animal ordinance violations.

A standard probation term is 360 days. If terms and conditions of probation are violated it is the responsibility of the Probation Officer to notify the Court by filing a Complaint to Revoke Probation. The Defendant must then appear in court to address the allegations stated in the Complaint. The penalty for most criminal convictions can include a fine of up to $2,650.00 and/or up to 364 days in detention.

Forms that may be helpful and that may be required by the Probation Officer are listed below: