Electronic Permit Submittal

City of Wheat Ridge is working normal business hours to issue permits, conduct plan review and inspections. We are not allowing work to begin without a permit due to the pandemic.

Do not start work until your permit has been issued via email or at a drop location.

Requirements for contractors to request and receive electronic permits:
1. In order to have a permit issued, contractors must have current license/registration and insurance complying with the State of Colorado statutes and City of Wheat Ridge Municipal Code.Submit the online form for the specific type of project you are performing. The form requires a credit card authorization to be attached. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL PERMIT APPLICATIONS OR PAYMENT FORMS.

2. Electronic permit applications will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility, and if complete, will be processed before the end of the next business day. If the application cannot be approved for any reason the applicant will be notified via email or phone call.

3. Permit applications are required to include an Electronic Payment Form and will be processed for payment. Upon confirmation of payment, the permit is issued with an inspection card and sent to applicant via email. Applications for which payment cannot be confirmed will not be processed.

4. For projects requiring plan review, the plan review fee must be paid at the time of application.

Electronic Permit Applications


Please use the form for the specific scope of work. Selecting the incorrect form or not providing all required information on the form will cause a delay in the processing time.

Before you begin, download the Electronic Payment Form, complete and save to your computer. This form is required to submit a permit application.

Quick Permits:

Asbestos Abatement

(This application is for Like for Like replacement Only.  If the location, size, or if this is a Tankless Conversion Please use the General Permit Application)

Permits Requiring Review - Requirements can be found on Permit Submittal Information page:

New Commercial Construction

Revisions to Previously Approved Permit

To submit a revision for a previously permitted project, complete the Permit Revision Form.

Deferred Submittal to Approved Permit

To submit a Deferred Submittal for a previously permitted project, complete the Deferred Submittal Form.

Larger Development Type Projects as Instructed by Community Development to Submit:

For a general permit application, please email permits@ci.wheatridge.co.us.

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