Renewal Wheat Ridge (Urban Renewal Authority)

The Wheat Ridge Urban Renewal Authority, otherwise known as Renewal Wheat Ridge (RWR) is committed to improving the visual aesthetics and environmental aspects of the community and works toward doing this while adhering to the wants and needs of the community. 

This very active Board gets to be in on the ‘ground floor’ of what’s happening in Wheat Ridge and is able to support the community through the use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funding for property improvement. TIF allows the majority of property taxes on an improved property to flow back to RWR.  RWR has had an active role in the development of Perrin’s Row on 38th Avenue, The Corners at Wheat Ridge, Kipling Ridge Shopping Center (Sprouts), West End 38 Apartments and the new ground floor restaurant concept Cured Grape, Town Center North affordable senior apartments, new retail space for Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage, the reuse of the Walmart site, the new Uncle Julio’s Hacienda Colorado restaurant, the infrastructure within Clear Creek Crossing, purchase of traffic signals throughout Wheat Ridge to improve safety, the future Parallel Apartments at Wheat Ridge Ward Station, and the expansion of a patio area on the west side of Colorado Plus, and many other projects throughout Wheat Ridge.  

RWR continues to improve Wheat Ridge and its health by funding the cleanup of contaminated properties. One of those active remediation sites is the old dry cleaners at the corner of 38th Avenue and Yukon Court.  RWR has invested almost $1.5 million into the cleanup of the property so that future generations of Wheat Ridge and the surrounding areas are not impacted by the contaminants left by a previous owner.  

RWR is proud of its commitment to remediating blighting conditions in the community and upgrading the retail, service and residential areas of the community. Board members see the results of their decisions to fund projects come to fruition with completed projects that provide new jobs, new housing, and new opportunities in the City.

The RWR Board meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in City Council Chambers, as needed. Please check the City Government calendar for updates on meetings.

“All RWR commission members can bring up ideas and concerns, and they know that they will be heard.  They get to see our team working hard to obtain grants and move capital projects forward.  It’s fun to contribute to an aspect of the city that is loved and utilized by many members of the Wheat Ridge community,” stated Walt Pettit, Board Chair.  

Agendas and Minutes

 Agendas are available prior to the meetings.

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 Minutes are also available following approval.

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Members are appointed by the Mayor and ratified by City Council.

Renewal Wheat Ridge Successes

Wheat Ridge Cyclery

Renewal Wheat Ridge assisted in the expansion of Colorado’s premier bicycle shop. Total Tax Increment: $264,180 (fully repaid in 2013) Private investment: $2,000,000. Cost to taxpayers: $0

Perrin’s Row

Renewal Wheat Ridge assisted in the development of 26 new townhomes along the Ridge at 38. Total Tax Increment: $467,000. Cost to taxpayers: $0

Kipling Ridge Shopping Center

Renewal Wheat Ridge provided assistance for public infrastructure. Total Tax Increment: $2,000,000. Cost to taxpayers: $0

Town Center North

Renewal Wheat Ridge purchased land that housed a contaminated transmission shop, Antiques shop and closed retail. Renewal Wheat Ridge cleaned the site, created a subdivision, completed all the infrastructure, found a developer and created 188 new affordable apartments for active adults. Total project cost including land purchase and land sale: $3,900,000. Private investment: Phase I - $13,000,000, Phase II - $12,000,000. Cost to taxpayers: $0

 Renewal Wheat Ridge Active Projects

Hacienda Colorado Restaurant at Applewood

Renewal Wheat Ridge will review a Tax Increment Finance Agreement to provide gap funding for the construction of a Hacienda Colorado Restaurant in the Applewood Shopping Center. The high-scale Mountain Mexfacility will be located on the closed site of the Wells Fargo drive-thru on Youngfield Street. The new restaurant will be approximately 9,500 sq. ft. and feature a second-story patio. The restaurant is anticipated to open in late 2018.
Regency Board Presentation
 Financing Request for Hacienda Colorado

The Corners at Wheat Ridge 

Renewal Wheat Ridge participated in the development at Wheat Ridges’ most highly visible corner at the southwest corner of Wadsworth Boulevard and West 38th Avenue. The previous GoFord site had been closed for almost 10-years when Renewal Wheat Ridge assisted the developer in funding a portion of the public infrastructure. Site will contain a 35,000 sq. ft. Lucky’s Market, up to 45,000 sq. ft. of additional shopping opportunities, and 230 market-rate apartments. Total Tax Increment: $6,200,000. Private investment: $85,000,000. Cost to taxpayers: $0

West End 38 

Renewal Wheat Ridge will participate in the development of up to 150 new market-rate apartments and up to 8,000 sq. ft. of retail along west 38th Avenue at Upham Street. Total Tax Increment: $2,400,000. Private investment: $45,000,000. Cost to taxpayers: $0

Traffic Signal at 32nd Avenue and Xenon Street

Renewal Wheat Ridge will participate in a portion of the funding of a traffic signal at 32nd Avenue and Xenon Street exiting the Applewood Shopping Center. Total Investment: $110,000. Private investment: $85,000. Remainder of costs come from City general fund.


Renewal Wheat Ridge is authorized by State Statute C.R.S. § 31-25-101, et. seq., created by the City Council, and granted authority under the Urban Renewal Law "except as may be limited, constrained, or proscribed by any approved and adopted Urban Renewal Plan" (Code of Laws, Chapter 25, Article II, Section 25-22 Opens a New Window. ).