Making It Likely the Burglar Will Get Caught

Burglar Alarm Systems
Consider installing a burglar alarm system. They range from the simple, inexpensive kind that merely makes a noise in the building or the expensive and silent type that's tied to a police station or security agency. Before purchasing an alarm system, consider these questions:
  • How likely is it that a thief would be detected without one
  • How far you are from a police station
  • How the system's cost compares with the cost of goods to be protected
Get a system that either monitors itself or can be easily checked to make sure it's in good operating condition. Shop carefully and buy from a reputable company. If you have a good alarm system, you'll probably get a discount on your business insurance premium.

Security Guards
In addition to or instead of an alarm system, you may want to hire a security guard or security service to patrol your business at night. If not, make sure someone, either you or one of your employees, is responsible for checking security of the business before closing time.

Other Measures
Record serial numbers of large-denomination bills. Also, a small amount of marked bait money may help police trace a thief. Try to keep a good inventory of your stock, including serial numbers of valuable goods, theft-prone items and business equipment. This will help police to trace stolen goods and help you in filing an insurance claim.