Costs and Response

The costs of illegal activity in hotel / motel properties include:
  • Property damage resulting from destruction of rooms, burglaries, or drug labs
  • Loss of rent during repair periods
  • Fire resulting from drug labs which are highly combustible and dangerous
  • Decrease in demand or overnight lodging
  • High turnover of employees due to fear of guests
  • Loss of valued guests
  • Litigation costs due to injuries on property
To combat the criminal activity on these properties, the hotels / motels and the Police Department need:
  • Increased communications
  • Specified procedures for registration
  • Additional preventive protocols
  • Proven management techniques
  • Proactive hotel / motel property management
  • Trespass logs
  • Hotel / motel employee empowerment
  • To keep legitimate and criminal / dangerous guests apart
For information on how the Crime Free Hotel and Motel Program addresses these issues, visit How It Works.