Planner Of The Day

General Questions

There is always an assigned planner-of-the-day (POD) who is available to answer questions of the public without an appointment at the planning counter. Be aware that there are meetings which all of the planners attend. If it's something other than routine zoning, it may be wise to make an appointment to ensure a planner is available to speak with you.

Zoning Questions

Many times routine zoning questions can be answered over the phone. Specific property information is helpful but sometimes as little information as a street address is necessary. If there are questions regarding the location of a property, or if there are interpretive complications, the planner may require submittal of a survey, conduct a site visit, or require a letter detailing your question before giving a response.

Where it is desired to have written confirmation of zoning and zoning compliance, a research fee will be required.

Zoning Information Line

Development and Zoning Services has a zoning information email service and telephone line. You may email your question to or call (303) 234-5931 and leave a message. Email responses and returned calls are typically made within 24 hours of receipt of the message.

For inquiries regarding a specific land development proposal, the planner may recommend you set up a pre-application conference. A pre-application conference is required for most land use applications and many building permit applications.