Mail Theft

Growing Threat

In the past year, mail and identity theft have become a growing and difficult problem. There are currently a number of small groups, some of which are very well organized, involved in the theft of mail from residential mailboxes. These individuals steal mail at all times of the day.

Preventative Measures

To protect yourself from becoming a victim of these individuals, there are some precautions that each homeowner can take.

Outgoing Checks

Do not place outgoing checks in your mailbox. This allows the mail thief to gain valuable information about you such as your bank account number, credit card numbers and other financial and personal information. Take all outgoing checks to the post office to mail. It is best to mail them at the inside drop-off at the post office, as the mail thieves also steal mail from the large blue boxes at post offices.

Pick Up Your Mail Daily

This will prevent the mail thieves from obtaining your incoming mail, which could include bank statements, credit card statements and other financial or personal information about you and other family members.

Receiving Checks or Credit Cards

If you are expecting checks and/or credit cards in the mail, check with your bank to see when they are to be mailed out. If you do not receive them when expected, notify the bank or credit card company immediately.

Credit Card Statements

Check your credit card statement each time you receive one. Mail thieves do not need your credit card to victimize you; they only need the credit card number.

Suspicious Activity in Your Neighborhood

If you see strange vehicles driving in your neighborhood, obtain a description of the vehicle, occupants, and activity and call 303-237-2220 #1 immediately.