Online Filing and Account Services

Filing Online Open to All

Anyone licensed/registered with Wheat Ridge and filing sales, use, admissions, telecommunications occupation or lodging taxes may file online. Only original returns, not amended ones, may be filed in this manner.

e-Tax File all returns, renew or reprint the business license, and update account information. This site only accepts CREDIT CARD payments up to $3,000. You may also use it to file online and mail your payment.

You may access the Wheat Ridge Tax Portal (only) while at City Hall by using the computer in the Lobby.

SalestaxONLINE This is a third-party system where you can file all returns for payment by account debit only. Account debit payment information is securely stored, allowing advanced preparation and later filing. Sales Tax Online also offers a toll-free help line for assistance with using the site, but not for tax questions. Multiple jurisdictions nationwide use this system. Instructions for use are onscreen. The license may be renewed here as well, on line 15 of the sales tax return form.

Learn How to File Sales Tax Online A short instructional video.

Words to the Wise Tips and reminders.

Wheat Ridge Web Portal Instructions

  • Go to e-Tax
  • Input your City ID minus the ".1"
  • Input your password: the last four digits of your City ID (not including the ".1"), a dash (-) and the first five characters of your company name as it appears on the the return or notice that was mailed to you, in capital letters.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
If you don't owe anything, that's it, you're done! If you do owe, you may make an immediate payment by entering that information or you may click Submit and print the return to mail in with a check which must be postmarked on or before the 20th of the month.

S.E.C.U.R.E. (Standard Emergency Contact Update and Response) to Protect Your Business

If your business is in Wheat Ridge, you may want to consider registering after-hours emergency contacts in the case of a building break-in, a fire, an accident or a weather catastrophe that damages the building. If Wheat Ridge police can contact you quickly, they can begin their investigation that much more quickly. Additionally, if you need windows boarded up and other property secured, you can access the resources to get that process moving forward. Your emergency contacts can be members of your executive team, trusted employees or members of your family entrusted with your business while you are out of town.   
The login instructions are the same as for filing online in the Wheat Ridge Tax Portal. Go to the menu item Additional Contacts when logged in and follow the on-screen prompts. Questions? Contact Sergeant Brian Wilkinson at 303-235-2951 or