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March 26, 2020 8:00 AM

COVID-19 Update - March 26, 2020

With the statewide Stay at Home Order declared by Governor Polis and the Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) Stay at Home Order, both of which went into effect this morning, March 26, 2020, the Wheat Ridge community joins together with people across the State of Colorado and the United States to contain the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. This statewide order is effective through 11:59 p.m. on April 11, 2020, and the JCPH order is effective through 5 p.m. on April 17, 2020. With more than 200 people currently hospitalized and at least 19 deaths reported to date in Colorado, as your Mayor, I am imploring all of you as members of our community to TAKE THESE ORDERS SERIOUSLY and STAY AT HOME, except for certain essential activities as defined in the Stay at Home Orders.

Many in our community are already taking the precautions outlined by public health agencies very seriously; washing hands frequently and thoroughly, staying at home as much as possible, practicing Social Distancing such as keeping a 6’ distance from others when making trips to the grocery store, local restaurants for pick-up, and other essential trips. With these new orders we must all take on this challenge and work to keep everyone safe from this potentially fatal virus. We are in a battle with this virus and the front line is at home. Each of you can join the effort to fight this enemy by staying at home with your families and housemates, keeping each other company, and isolating from other people to the greatest extent possible.

Please continue to care for and reassure your elderly and otherwise vulnerable neighbors. Check in with them by phone or email. Offer to pick up groceries and other items they might need and leave those in a place where they can be brought inside after you have left. Use virtual conferencing and the phone to check in with family and friends to help reduce your own anxiety. For those with pets, take time out to spend with your furry friends as they also provide us with a great sense of comfort during our stay at home. I encourage exercise for all of us and will rely on each of you to practice responsible Social Distancing while outside and NOT gather in groups of any size as we work together to combat this disease from spreading further.

We have created a list of food-related businesses that are open in Wheat Ridge (Eat-Ridge.com), and will continue working on more comprehensive lists of retail and other businesses deemed essential under the JCPH Stay at Home order that are open for business in our community. Please call a business directly or check online to verify their hours and extent of services currently available. I encourage you to shop and buy locally here in Wheat Ridge. These merchants and their employees are our neighbors and deserve our support as we sequester at home.

Grocery stores will remain open. There is no need to rush out and stock up for more than a one week supply. Trucks will continue to stock shelves and under this Stay at Home order you will be allowed to shop for groceries, alcohol, and medications as well as pick-up food at restaurants offering pick-up or drive-thru service. Our grocery stores have provided special hours set aside for seniors and our most vulnerable residents. Please respect these set-aside times so our retailers are able to serve these folks with special attention. Please buy what you need – not more than you need. We have enough for everyone, but we need to make sure everyone gets a share.

This is a difficult time for all of us as we manage the personal, professional, and economic impacts of this virus, as well as the risks to our health and our lives. We are proud of how our community is responding to this global emergency and of the collaboration of our state and local elected officials, our professional staffs, our first responders, our health care workers, and YOU, as we all work together to Stay at Home and fight this virus.

Please be safe and take care of one another as you are able.

Sincerely, Bud Starker, Mayor

Link to Governor's Stay At Home Order https://bit.ly/COStayHomeOrder

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