What is the best way to submit over-the-counter building permits?

The Building Division shall accept applications for electronic permit issuance and shall process and issue such permits in accordance with the following procedures and requirements located here: http://www.ci.wheatridge.co.us/1651/Electronic-Permit-Submittal

Permits eligible for electronic permit issuance:

Residential Sewer/Water Repair and Replacement – must provide linear footage (No work in Right-of-way)

Residential Water Heater Replacement (50 Gallons or less)

Residential Boiler Replacement

Residential Evaporative Cooler Replacement (like for like only)

Residential Furnace Replacement (150k BTU’s or less)

Residential A/C Replacement (like for like only)

Residential Electrical Service Change/Upgrade (200 amps or less)

Residential Window Replacement – provide spec sheet showing u-value (No structural alteration)

Residential Siding (no asbestos containing material)

Requirements for contractors to request and receive electronic permits:

1. Contractors must have current license/registration and insurance complying with State of

    Colorado statutes and City of Wheat Ridge Municipal Code

2. Contractors must provide a valid credit card authorization form with the online permit application

    (Credit card required for payment on all electronic permits)

3. Person submitting the application must be listed on the license list of “Person(s) able to pull permits”.

    4. Requests must be submitted by online application.

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