Who can operate a short-term rental?

An STR host must be the owner of a property:

  • One STR in an entire dwelling unit they own but will not occupy – a “whole house” rental
  • One STR in a portion or a room of a dwelling unit where they continuously reside – a “partial house” rental

Owners of apartments or mixed-use buildings on commercial corridors may be permitted to have additional STRs. STRs in condos may already be restricted by the Homeowners Association (HOA) or other ownership agreement. If not, the code limits condo developments to four total STRs per development to prevent a large number of condos from being converted into STRs. These details are included in the ordinance.

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1. What is a Short-Term Rental or STR?
2. Why regulate Short-Term Rentals?
3. Who can operate a short-term rental?
4. Are there limits on the number of Short-Term Rentals?
5. What is included in the ordinance?
6. What can I do if I have a complaint?